Monday, November 21, 2005

updait! this iz not bob jonsen riting

[NOTE from Bob Johnson: My dog, Rex, posted this to Daily Kos on March 14, 2005. It was the first known blog post by Rex.]

helo my naim is rex an i am bob jonsens dog. bob is not hoam so i am uzink tha cumpyuter to tipe heer.

u shood no that bob duz not scrach my stumick wen i wont him to. an wen i wont him to scrach beehine my eers he wil not do it awl the time. he taiks me for wawks but maik me stop wen i chais skwerls.

allso he gifs me dri dog food. i hait dry dog food. an if u wur a dog u wood to. i wont bereetos. an i lyk sooshee to.

if u lyk dogs pleez tel bob to gif me sooshee.

ask me a kweshtin too.

-- rex

updait! dis iz my las pos! evur! peepul keep pootink picshers uf stoopit catz on my pos! i am uhlerjic to catz an u r maikin me snees! woof! woff! woof! gooby!


At 11/21/2005 2:10 PM, Anonymous peeder said...

There's some context to consider...

Rex appeared after a few Kossites' spouses came on board to reflect on their Kos-flecked brand of computer widowdom. The last straw was when the the inimitable Maryscott O'Connor had her husband come on...

It was in that backdrop that Rex stole the show completely. Hi Rex, and I'll give you sooshee whenever I meet you.


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