Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Source in the White House: Rove's Phone cCall to Ailes; re: MARK FOLEY (D-FL)

FOX's continued use of the (D-FL) tag under pictures and video of Mark Foley lets you know exactly how panicked Rove is about losing the base. After all, who watches FOX News except for the hardcore Bush-o-philes?

My source in the White House slipped a transcript of a phone call Rove made to Roger Ailes, head of FOX News, last Friday just as the scandal was starting to pick up steam.

What follows is a verbatim transcript of the Rove-Ailes conversation:

ROVE: Roger, you gotta' help me out here.

AILES: Anything, Karl, you know that.

ROVE: Okay, I--

AILES: Well, I mean anything in the sense that I can use the network to help you.

ROVE: Look, Rog, I've forgotten all about that night. It was a one time thing. For both of us.

AILES: Yeah...

ROVE: Anyway, this Foley thing could really kill us with the fundies. I mean, they are quickly figuring out that we covered for a queer pervert who molested boys just to extort money to funnel into other congressional races.

AILES: Brilliant plan, Karl, like so much of your work. And just to make clear: I'm not gay.

ROVE: Me neither. Anyway, you know how fucking stupid these fundies are...

AILES: Abso-fucking-lutely! They thought Terri Schiavo was coming back to life!


ROVE: Well, here's what I'm thinking...

AILES: Go ahead. I'm all ears. Just don't grab `em and pull my head down to your crotch!

ROVE: [LAUGHING] Did I hurt you last time?

AILES: Shut up. I think I bugged my own phone last week, but I was too drunk to remember if I really did it. Go on...

ROVE: Okay, here's the plan. Keep running photos and video of Foley but instead of putting the tag "R dash FL" for "Republican-Florida" under his picture, put "D dash FL" for "Democrat-Florida."

AILES: I... I don't...

ROVE: The fundies will think Foley is a Democrat!

AILES: Holy fucking shit! That's genius!

ROVE: Of course!

AILES Those dumbfucks will really believe Foley is a Democrat!

ROVE: It's on FOX News!

AILES: So it must be true!

ROVE: Exactly.

AILES: And that will make them turn out more, not less.

ROVE: Nevermind the work they do in get-out-the-vote.

AILES: Damn. You're good.

ROVE: Next time you see me, you can kiss my pinky ring.

AILES: You put a ring on it now?

ROVE: My baby finger, Rog, not my Karl Column.

AILES: I love that you've named your thing.

ROVE: Luntz ran a focus group and came up with it.

AILES: Among the male pages?

ROVE: Wait, did you or did you not bug your phone?


AILES: Fuck if I know. I was trashed.

ROVE: So, FOLEY dash D dash FL.

AILES: Got it. Consider it done. And kick your boss in the nuts for me and tell him he's the dumbest fuck on the planet.

ROVE: I do that everyday.



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