Friday, June 02, 2006

Time to take down the Iraqi regime

Every now and then, I venture over to Armando's experiment in attempted reasonable, cross-political discussion, Swords Crossed, to see what the loony Bush/Iraq War defenders are saying.

I think, "Maybe Armando is onto something and we can have a reasonable debate with these clowns folks."

Then I read what the few brave (hey, at least they show up) Bush/Iraq War-backing souls have to say and I think, "Armando, quit wasting your time.  They're idiots."

And they are.

The most recent front page post by Armando's current sparring partner (as if Armando was Ali in his prime and his sparring partner was some poor sap who routinely found himself swallowing the last of his few remaining molars) touts the great advances we've made in Iraq in terms of elecricity production and sewer operations.

I kid you not.

I'd cite the post here, but why bother? One of the poster's GOP bretheren even suggests in the comment section, "Democracy is on the march!"

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Prime Minister is busy accusing  U.S. forces of "daily attacks" against Iraqi civilians.

And just last week, the Iraqi Foreign Minister backed Iran's nuclear research program.

Upon the news of the Foreign Minister backing Iran's right to do "nuclear research," the same nut who shouted "Democarcy is on the march" in the most recent Swords Crossed front-pager suggested that we may need to turn out this new government if it becomes an ally of Iran.

I get it.  We just keep overthrowing Iraqi governments -- even democratically-elected governments (because, after all, democracy is on the march) -- until we get one to our liking.


At least Halliburton can then continue getting multi-billion dollar, no-bid contracts to rebuild the infrastructure we have to blow up to help democracy flourish.

This is kind of The Mouse that Roared in reverse.  For those of you not familiar with this Peter Sellers classic (rent it this weekend if you've never seen it), here's a snippet of the plot summary, courtesy of

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick decides that the only way to get out of their economic woes is to declare war on the United States, lose and accept foreign aid.

Only in this case, the United States declares (endless) war on Iraq in order for Halliburton to reap billions upon billions in American tax dollars.

The parallels are eerie and striking.

My guess is that we may have to pull out of Iraq quickly, then immediately start a new "shcok-and-awe" bombing campaign, followed by a new "blitzkrieg-to-Baghdad."

Where we go from there is anyone's guess, but at least the Commander-in-Chief could have another aircraft carrier moment.

Hell, if we can pick up the pace of the "democratically-elected governments" in Iraq, Flightsuit George may be able to squeeze in a couple more "Mission Accomplished" photo ops before he leaves in January `09.

Look, if we keep overthrowing Iraqi regimes, we're bound to get it right eventually, aren't we?  I mean, the odds are in our favor.

Democracy is on the march.  Someone in Baghdad was just able to flush his toilet for the first time in three years.

Progress.  I love it.