Monday, March 05, 2007

Bush to appoint bipartisan commission to look at appointing of bipartisan commissions

President Bush's announcement today that he will appoint a bipartisan commission to look into the failures at Walter Reed Medical Center was quickly followed by a second announcement detailing his plan to appoint a bipartisan commission to look into the appointing of bipartisan commissions.

Bush to appoint commission to study why so many commissions have been appointed

WASHINGTON (Rooters) - President George W. Bush announced today that he would be appointing "a bipartisan commission of respected officials" to study "just why the heck I've needed to appoint so many bipartisan commissions" during his tenure as President.

Bush, in his weekly radio address, said that between the 9-11 Commission, the Iraq Study Group and a new bipartisan commission that will look into failures at Walter Reed Medical Center, he "senses a pattern in my administration of having to appoint bipartisan commissions to look into things we may have screwed up."

The President's blunt assessment of the various commissions' roles in investigating administration failures comes as a new poll puts his job approval rating at its lowest point ever, 29%.

One administration source who asked not to be identified suggested that a more contrite Bush is "part of a larger strategy to make Americans feel empathy for someone who is just not that bright but is doing the best he can."

"We're calling this our 'Special Olympics strategy,'" the source said.

Bush noted in his radio address, "This new bipartisan commission will be charged with studying previous bipartisan commissions with the purpose of identifying patterns of behavior that led to the appointment of past bipartisan commissions."

Administration spokesman Tony Snowjob said that the final recommendations of the bipartisan commission studying the appointments of previous bipartisan commissions will be ignored, as have the recommendations of every previous bipartisan commission.

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