Friday, February 02, 2007

Punxsutawney Phil: "Fu** it. You don't need me anymore."

This just came over the wire from Punxutawney:

(PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA - Rooters) Local groundhog Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his tree stump this morning and told the assembled crowd of media and curious onlookers that his 121-year-old tradition of predicting the end of winter is "dead as a f***ing doornail."

The pugnacious marmot explained that with the onset of serious global warming, "I will never predict six more weeks of winter again. Early Spring. Every f***ing year. It's over, okay? So just leave me the f*** alone."

Phil's handler, Ed Fenster, said that for the last few weeks, Phil had been complaining about radical climate change.

"Phil told me last week that he's disgusted with the way humans have mucked up the planet," Fenster said. "Only he used a word that rhymes with 'muck.' He pointed out that the he 'eats, sleeps, sh**s and occasionally farts' and that's his total impact on the environment. But the rest of us are ruining the place for creatures like him."

The first thing Phil said as he was pulled from the relative comfort of his burrow was, "Breaking: Winter to end. Along with the planet."

Before returning to his abode, Phil added, "And, no, I don't give a sh** about the Superbowl. More crap."

According to Fenster and other members of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, the future of the event is in doubt.


At 2/13/2007 8:13 PM, Blogger Pyrrho said...


* [new] In all honesty... (0 / 0)

I'll miss pyrrho, but life will go on. Please tell him I said hello.

The continuing claims on other blogs of the imminent demise of Daily Kos are humorous.

Reminds me of the old Yogi Berra-ism: "It's so crowded, no one goes there anymore."

A few joints are in danger of becoming known more for being the home of disaffected former dkos posters than commenters on relevant issues of the day.

Dick Cheney is Nostradamus

by Bob Johnson on Tue Feb 13, 2007 at 08:53:14 PM UTC


THANKS for the goodbye. As for what places are known by, that's for reality to sort out. Perhaps the problem is too many disgruntled former allies. Or perhaps there is no problem and it will shake out.

I tell you, I appreciate the message... "I'll miss him but life goes on" is how I feel exactly! It's the "who cares" that surprised me... not that it was there but that I gave a damn.

I mean, it's only 3 years and 4 months of time and 16,000 comments.

cheers though, and if it's not clear, really, thanks.

At 2/13/2007 8:14 PM, Blogger Pyrrho said...

not the part of your message that is "who cares" but those that posted only that.

e.g. johnny rotton! After all the Sex Pistols jokes. Maybe he didn't like those. Ah, twas a fucking producer punk boy band anyway, posers.

did that seem bitter, hope not.

fucking hell I hope this place can store my next 16,000 comments.

At 2/13/2007 11:47 PM, Anonymous Bob Johnson said...

I will miss you, of course. But I also think a lot of this stuff is rather inane.

Not you, necessarily, but the entire recent spate of hurt feelings, etc. I'm sure the hurt feelings are real, but to think that a placed as large as Daily Kos should fret over a few folks throwing fits is rather silly.

As I have posted many times, I like the audience. So I don't really care about all the personal crap. To me, it's all about moving forward, as stupid as a lot of my stuff is.

Still, it's too bad you got the boot. I liked your late night philosophical posts. Always a great discussion and I had to read carefully to understand what you were saying.

I know our pal, Armando, can be rough, but I still enjoy the guy. Just like I enjoyed your writing.

I wish the egos were all a little smaller.

I'll keep looking for your stuff, though I don't think I'd ever join Maryscott's blog. I find it funny there that so many rip into kos as some kind of a dictator while, in the same post, they turn around and worship at the feet of Maryscott. I think her blog is a lot more about her than kos' blog is about him.

I guess followers are followers.

I have nothing against Maryscott, and I defended her many times on dkos, but I quit reading her rants long ago. I just can't keep up that kind of anger. I find it depressing. And I have had my own troubles in that regard. For my own well being, rants have to be few and far between.

Anyway, sorry to see you go. I'll miss you the same way I miss skippy. I wish people could just put their heads down and keep posting. Kind of like work. Daily Kos still has the largest audience of any political blog. And that is worth something. At least to me.

At 2/14/2007 3:14 AM, Blogger Pyrrho said...

it's worth something to me too, my opinions just got in conflict with it. I mean, I didn't post about it at dkos... I just posted a piece on blogging.

Yes, I see how some people will ban you for that, lol. But it's fair play still. One thing I write about is blogs themselves.

I agree on the hurt feelings.

Mine are not particularly hurt.

that's bullshit a little, of course my feelings have been affected...

but really it's the practical loss of access to that audience and what not.

fuckin' try to post a jeer about getting in banned in C&J when you are banned?!

PS: you know I never went in c&j until after ykos when I met a big contingent of them....? 3 years 4 months... I'd need to crash a gate to get in.

I think dailykos is a great self service publishing business.

I encourage everyone to use it. I decided not to avoid a series of topics that came up. I think dkos is unkind to progressive voices, and voices that run counter to the strategy it has defined. It is a faction, that doesn't include me.

There is a "movement" side of dkos, and that is the side that came in conflict with me. I objected to aspects of that movement. Like no democracy. A business can have no democracy, but a movement is different. Liberal loyalty is both ways. Which I think everyone agrees with, so time to argue that would have been reasonable.

But I do know kos as the right to ban me. And I am fine with stuff like that, it is what it is.

Seriously though I hope this thing has room for a fucking lot of comments.

not good ones either.

my second diary I suggested colin powel uckfing be democratic VP.

I must have thought I was playing with everyone's head or else that's the day I drank the paint.

At 3/02/2007 2:14 PM, Blogger Pyrrho said...


you really think no one told the pro-impeachement forces to shut up...

my run up to banning started with huge fights defending OPOL against charges of being anti-intellectual and all the rest.

Oh, no, "reality based" would mean people are NEVER told to shut up at dailykos.

And I wasn't banned either, because it doesn't matter if I was banned... so you can just call that "not getting banned"... oh, you didn't say that?

but you do say no one is trying to silence voices.

you are deluded now, and writing totally differently than say a year ago... as we all are.

I couldn't take it any more. dkos is an insane place, more worthy of satirizing than of posting satire AT.

It now works to generate more Nader voters. God knows the party leadership bringing kos in the yard doesn't bode well for them any more than the rest of us.

He's no Reagan Democrat! Like's Reagan, is a Democrat, but HAR HAR he aren't no Reagan Republican, he writes.

"no kos, your not, those silly people".

there is really no truth being engaged now, it's all manufacturing consent by poorly read people, and I don't mean you.

yeah there are exceptions to generalizations... but that's not reason to pretend things are not what they obviously are.

there was a pressure to shut up impeachment, it failed, and it failed because people at dkos SUPPORT the idea for obvious reasons... and now you want to pretend that means there wasn't any pressure in the first place.

kos has wasted the progressive energy and redirected it to the DLC market... which he hopes to take over, get rich off, and fuck progress.

just an opinion.

At 3/03/2007 5:51 PM, Anonymous Bob Johnson said...

You know what pyrrho? I don't give a rat's fucking ass about kos. Not a whit. His backing of Mark Warner tells you all you need to know about him.

He's not why I post there.

As for being told to "shut up," every one of OPOL's works hits the top of the Rec list. bhudy's diaries make the Rec list, too.

So cry me a fucking river about their voices being "oppressed."

The phony cries of of "I'm being censored" are hilarious considering anyone who dares question OPOL's inane rants gets told to shut up and go away.

What a steaming load...

Get a sense of irony.


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