Sunday, January 22, 2006

Justice Department gets my Google search records

News item:

Google Resists U.S. Subpoena of Search Data

Published: January 20, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19 - The Justice Department has asked a federal judge to compel Google, the Internet search giant, to turn over records on millions of its users' search queries as part of the government's effort to uphold an online pornography law.

While news reports have noted that Google is fighting the Justice Department's demand to turn over a week's worth of search records for millions of users, a friend -- highly placed in the Department -- said that Justice had succeeded in downloading the records of a limited number of individuals from Google before the search giant pulled the plug on the practice.

I was among those limited few whose records fell into Justice Department hands.

What follows are partial transcripts of my Google searches, both primary and secondary, for the week of December 11 - 17, 2005, along with relevant notations from Justice Department officials (italics).

My comments on these files will appear outside of the blockquote.

United States Department of Justice

Search records for: Bob Johnson
Week of: December 11, 2005 - December 17, 2005
Search engine: Google

Search date/time: 12-11-05/09:58:12
Primary search: dog style
Secondary search(es): Dog style photo essay
Notes: Disgusting search. As the AG always says, missionary is not only preferred, it should be the law. We'll look into these links and see if any of the photos contain underage participants.

Search date/time:12-12-05/13:19:03
Primary search: disobedient dog
Secondary search(es): The Cocked-Leg Cure
Notes: Looking into this one. Could be an S&M search and then he clicks through to a cock site. Will check and report.

Search date/time: 12-14-05/20:02:51
Primary search: bitch mating
Secondary search(es): The Bitch in Heat
Notes: What a perv! These "bitches" better be of age, or this creep is goin' down!

Search date/time: 12-15-05/22:19:46
Primary search: ball screw shaft
Secondary search(es): Ensuring Ball-Screw Performance
Notes: Looks like our pal here is having a little trouble with "performance." Loser. Maybe we should send him a Viagra link! Ha-ha!

Search date/time:12-13-05/09:18:28
Primary search: pedal file
Secondary search(es): Pedal File review
Notes: This looks BIG! This guy is looking up pedal file stuff! Forward this one on to the AG, pronto!

I will note that this is only a partial transcript of my searches for that week, and there may be others, including cheney fascist asshole, that were not included here.

I have yet to be contacted by anyone from the Justice Department. However, this should serve as a cautionary tale to us all.

See you in Gitmo.


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